his study, we followed in anticipation. We took up the two wingback chairs as he took
his place behind his old desk he loved so much. Grandpa enjoyed being in charge and it
was good to see him in such an upbeat mood, it had been a long time. We could hear
the commotion in the kitchen as Maria, the chief cook barked instructions in Sotho to
the five or so farmhands helping her. Before Dad could press him for more information
Grandpa spoke.
"You two don't believe that Kayla only speaks directly to you, do you?" he asked casually.
I looked at Dad and he looked at me, our mouths slightly open. "This whole thing is too
important to leave in the hands of you lot," he said jokingly and let out a huge bear
laugh the made Dad and I smile. "Who was it that took you to the island for the first
time?" he asked. Dad nodded at Grandpa. "That's right, we have been part of this all
along and that is why I needed to see the two of you, today. My instructions from Kayla
are very specific, and it needed to be today, no matter what, so I am glad you both
made it."
"But you told me that the Pioneers of our day were people like Nelson Mandela, who
changed the world, without a doubt," Dad said in a slightly high pitched voice. "I
assumed your part was pretty much over."
"Listen to yourself when you say that and tell me what you hear" Grandpa told Dad. I
could see Dad was thinking about what he said and then dropped his shoulders a little
as he came to his realisation. "Well?" Grandpa asked.
"It sounds silly because deep down we all know that it's never truly over," he said.
Grandpa smiled at him from across his desk. "How does it all fit together then, your
generation, mine and now Matthews?" Dad asked confused.