"I have an idea but that's my opinion. One thing I do know for sure is that each event is
aimed at either raising the consciousness of humans on this planet and or saving them
from themselves. I don't think previous efforts worked so well that we will never have
something that needs to be done. Who Knows? We can sit here and debate and discuss
this for days, but we are now at a different destination and we have a job to do, what
say we get to it?" he asked.
We both just nodded, there was no need to get tangled in an overly adult conversation
about why things were happening, all we needed was to do what we needed to do.
"Good, now back to what my instructions are, let's go to the garage shall we," Grandpa
said as he stood up. We walked out past the busy kitchen and all the way down to the
bottom of the large house where six garages were attached. They were mainly for farm
vehicles and Grandpa's pickup. He put his big bear hands on my shoulder as we walked
behind Dad. I looked up at him and he winked at me. He had a mischievous smile which
warmed my heart even during these troubled times. We got into the garage and Dad
flipped the light on. There right in front of us was a shiny red Hummer, and brand new
at that. It took Dad’s breath away.
Dad turned to Grandpa, "and this?"
"This is what you will be driving out of here today, it's a tool that you will be using to
navigate to a few places," he replied.
"Where exactly?" Dad asked.
Grandpa turned to look directly at me, so did Dad. I knew what the look meant.