"Matthew knows, don't you boy?" Grandpa asked me directly. Without hesitation
answered yes. Dad looked at me as if to ask how, but he knew better than to ask, he just
accepted it and moved on.
"How much time do we have?" he asked.
"Not much, and you have to get whoever or whatever you are rescuing back here so I
can look after them" Grandpa replied. He had a way of saying the most important and
shocking things so that it seemed to be the most obvious thing ever.
"Anything else?" Dad asked sarcastically.
"Nope," was the reply which was accompanied by a large rumbling from outside that
could be heard over the continuous patter of the rain. It was definitely an engine and by
the sounds of it, a large one. Grandpa hit the button on the wall that opened the first
two garage doors. Arriving up the driveway was a large army truck with brown canvas
panelling. The truck was reversing in so that the rear was under the cover of the carport
adjoining the garages. It stopped and the driver dressed in full army gear walked up to
the rear and rolled open the canvas cover. The truck was jam packed with people.
"Now if you two will excuse me, my first shipment of guests has arrived. You will find
the supplies that I was instructed to purchase for you in the back of the Hummer, look
through them so long. I will be done in half an hour, we can chat some more then,"
Grandpa said and then promptly marched out into the rain barking orders at people I
couldn't even see.
The driver immediately started ushering the passengers out of the truck and in the
direction Grandpa moved off to. Within five minutes everyone was off the truck and
marching out to wherever they were going to be housed. They all looked confused and