slightly bemused by the whole thing. The driver stayed behind and rolled closed the
canvas and made his way over to where Dad and I stood. He introduced himself as
Philemon and after we introduced ourselves Dad asked him what was going on.
Philemon didn't know too much about what was happening other than he had been
hired to provide transport for large groups of people to the farm. He didn't know where
they were from or who they were, he only knew he had to be in a certain location to
collect them and then drop them off here. He did mention that it was strange to him
that children, similar to my age, were involved in almost all the pickups. In fact, as he
spoke to Dad he relayed that he was pretty sure that whoever hired him over the phone
a few months back in preparation was a child.
Philemon said goodbye and got back into his truck to pick up another load he was
already running late for. We said goodbye and moved to the Hummer to see what was
going on while we waited for Grandpa to come back. The front was empty except for
some water and a few towels on the back seat. The main gear was in the back. There
were several backpacks, two of which
had envelopes resting against them with our
names on. We both took the letters and opened them. I read mine out loud before Dad
could start with his.
'My dear boy,
We are so pleased with the four of you, and we could not be prouder. By now you will
realised that mother earth has started the process and you are no doubt feeling the
result of whatever the impact is on your side of the world.
Everyone is busy, all the groups across the world are in high gear, and now it is your turn.
I wish I had more information for you, but this is the way it is, we do not question the
inner workings of Mother Nature and the Universe. Our instructions for you are simple.