In your backpack, it's the red one, you will find a GPS unit that has a full up to date map
of your surroundings. You will be using this to navigate your vehicle, which your father
will be driving, where you will locate some very important individuals according to
Mother Earth who you need to take to the compound that has been set up on the farm.'
I paused and looked up at Dad, he let out a sigh and looked around, I guess there were a
lot of people from Gauteng that needed to be brought here. Dad read my mind and
answered my question before I could even ask it.
"We cannot afford to think like that my boy. The bottom line is we don't know what is
going to happen, if you start to speculate as to things like how many people could die or
how many people could end up displaced, well you will just try and save everyone and
the ones who we are supposed to look after who could very well be the ones who end
up looking after us, well we could lose them and with it everything we are working
towards," he always spoke the truth and he was right. I focused on what was in front of
me, it was all I could do and it was all anyone was asking of me. I trusted that there were
enough of us out there doing what needed to be done. I carried on reading.
'There are many who will join you at the compound over the next few days Matthew,
what you need to know is that as a Pioneer, you have been given the task of locating the
"needles in the haystack," so to speak. We have only so much information that is
forthcoming, we know the masses that need to be extracted and the support that is
needed, but as for the specifics of the
highly important individuals, well only you will
know that. For us to know it would be too influential and our interference could well
change the course of events that need to happen in an exact way.
That brings us to the question that is no doubt forming in your mind as you read this. Yes,
you are the only one who knows where the "needles" are. Just in the same way that your
friends were the only ones who were able to do what they did, find who they found and