save and help who they saved and helped. The task before you is simple. Locate and
extract with your father the individuals that you need to. Get them to the farm or at the
very least to the nearest extraction team in your area, there will be a few, you will feel
their energy strings from quite far.
How you find them, well that's up to you, you are the Pioneer and this is your task. Good
luck son and Pelican speed.
PS if it was me, I would access the light and ask for some guidance, it worked for your
The General
I folded the letter back into its envelope and Dad read his. It was very simple and to the
point. Simply put, Dad had to drive me around to wherever I needed to go, whenever I
needed to go do whatever I needed to do. The car was fitted with a sister GPS unit that
mirrored mine and would navigate to wherever I told it to. The only problem was, I had
no idea where we were going, how long we had and how many times we would be
collecting people, nor how many for that matter.
Dad put his letter back as well and put his hand
on my shoulder. "Tell you what," he said,
"let's close up here for now, head inside and grab some food. After that you can sit in
Grandpa's study for a while and gather your thoughts. I need to see exactly what is
going on here, my curiosity is getting the better of me." I looked up at him and nodded,
that sounded like a good place to start at least, besides I wasn't going to start anything
until I got an update on Kim and spoke to the twins first.