We went into the kitchen where Maria, as much as she pretended we were nuisances,
was overjoyed that she got to fuss over us for a bit. She had been part of Grandpa's staff
when Dad was my age, and as the story goes, was a big part of Dad’s life. She loved to
mother him and my uncle, it was fun to watch Dad getting embarrassed but also loving
the attention, it was like he was a kid again.
We got a hearty meal of samp, beans, beef stew and fresh pot bread straight off the fire
pit under the covered outside cooking area. It was delicious and it was great to get that
taste of home to put me at ease. After a cup of coffee for Dad and a tall mug of hot
chocolate for me Dad went off to do his recon of what was taking place at the wonderful
world that was Grandpa's farm. Things were getting busier when we were done so me
moving into the study and closing the door for some privacy was a great move all round.
I took up the double leather couch against the wall next to the door, it faced the desk
and I could see the history of our family tracked on the wall with Grandpa's home made
family tree. There were old volumes of Dutch books lining the bookcase as well as a host
of other encyclopaedias about animals and people. The African artwork he displayed so
proudly next to his own artwork also added to the atmosphere of the room. It felt like a
wise room, a room that displayed in its glory the history of a man, a family and a country.
Grandpa loved this room and I had grown to love it myself the many times I sat alone
with him as he stood behind the desk with his glasses on ruffling through old documents
and telling me about his escapades into Botswana and the Okavango Delta. Sometimes
we would sit on the couch together listening to old music from his records and on the
rare occasion he would tearfully tell me about my grandmother who died before I was
born. Yes I loved this room and it was the perfect place for me to focus and get a hold of
my energy string in a fashion that was concretely connected to my roots. I was
beginning to see why it was so important to have Grandpa involved in this whole thing.
He was, next to Dad, the wisest and most loving man I knew. I removed my shoes lifted
my legs onto the couch to sit in a comfortable cross legged position. I gently moved the