swooped in from above, wings booming as it slowed and landed heavily on the stage. I
could see why he was called General. He looked like one, stiff and big, just like the
characters I had seen on TV or in the movies who played generals or soldiers.
PART 1: Chapter 4
General Michael looked around at the now absolutely silent crowd. As much as I was
able to understand it, he cleared his throat and spoke in a deep
husky voice. I half
expected him to light a cigar and blow smoke rings at us.
“My brethren, welcome. As most of you know I am not big on formalities so if you feel
like I have missed out on anything, well, you can just pretend and we can all move on.”
General was no doubt straight to the point, I enjoyed the way he spoke, it felt more
human to me for some reason and that was comfortable.
“We are all here for the same reason, we have been entrusted by our ancestors and our
spirits to protect our planet, all its inhabitants and our different ways of life. Of all the
times that have passed and of all the events that have occurred throughout history, no
time has been as dire as the time which we are faced with at this very moment.” He
spoke with passion. I found myself starting to feel ready for action. A deep mustard
colour surrounded the General, it was thick and it was very square and precise
compared to everyone else.
“Mother nature has spoken and she has made known to us her intentions to defend
herself. Too long has she held back her response to what is afoot in the world, and over
the next few years she will unleash that which she has chosen to hold back. That which
she has spent decades preparing in case our efforts did not achieve the desired