cowry shell bracelet on my wrist and sent out a signal to Kayla, praying that she would
answer. I had no idea if she was still busy with Kim or if Kim was okay. The whole
situation made me so anxious and nervous that it was hard to contain myself.
After a couple of minutes, just before I was about to give up
I could feel her come
through. It was just her voice that came through, but it was enough for me. She
answered me before I could even ask the question.
"She is resting my child. I have been waiting for you to contact me, I didn't know where
you were with your whole current situation. We managed to stabilise her about an hour
ago, the extraction team got to her with moments to spare. She saved every single child
in that train Matthew, she is truly remarkable, you all are," I could hear the tears in her
voice. It was a trigger and I completely broke down, the tears flowed down my cheeks
and my entire upper body was lurching back and forth as I let out all the pent up
emotion through crying. My face pulled tight and my throat let out the guttural sobs I
used to hate so much. It felt good to cry and it gave Kayla permission to let it all out too.
We both wailed away for a long while until it was all out and I was okay to speak again.
My cheeks were covered in tears and the collar of my shirt was soaked through. I didn't
care. Kim was alright and that was the only thing that mattered.
"What's happening now?" I asked Kayla.
"George is still in meetings because things have reached crisis point in Europe. Kim is
resting in hospital and we plan on moving her and the group she saved out to a new
location over the next few days. And no, you cannot speak to her, she needs her rest,
but she did tell me to give you a kiss from her." The last bit of the sentence made my
heart jump with joy.