"As for you, well you need to get back to your task at hand. You have been chosen as a
Pioneer for a reason, not by us, but by the world. Only you know who to save, why and
from what. Now you need to focus and call on your knowledge to get the help you need
to get started. We have provided all the support we can as per our instructions. Now go
and do what you have chosen and been chosen to do so we can finish this sooner rather
than later." Kayla had to go, I could tell. She had the twins knocking on her door.
"Okay," I replied, "please tell Phil and John that I am okay and I will check in with them
soon, and that I want a full update as to what they are up to now that they are sitting
twiddling their thumbs," I added.
"Yes yesyes, now go, you have work to do," she finished and pulled
back. I looked
around the room, I was feeling a lot better and more equipped to now focus on what
was happening here. I took a few moments to listen to my tune and focus on my energy
string before I went over what the letter from the general said. I was caught up on how I
was going to locate whoever it was I needed to locate, how many there were and how
long it would take. The uncertainty was enough to drive me mad. I had to calm down
and focus on just one thing at a time otherwise the whole thing would be
destined for
I remembered our time in the infirmary with Robert, the columns of light that appeared
for each of us to learn how we could deal with our grief or anger or whatever we
needed to deal with. I held firm in my mind the question of how I was going to figure
out exactly where it was I needed to be going and exactly what it is I would need to do
when I got there. I focused hard and with complete intent. I am not sure how many
minutes passed before I opened my eyes, but it felt like quite a
while and I made damn
sure I was well focused. In front of me, rising out of the floor and up into the ceiling as a
fine mist was a purple tube of knowledge. That was the only way I could describe it. I