was comfortable where I was and I politely asked it to come over to me and surround
me where I sat. It did so without any effort or resistance.
I could feel the knowledge of ages surround me as a slight excited whisper, much more
excited than back at the infirmary. I couldn't help but wonder why. The answer came in
the same voice as before, it was almost a softer older version of my own voice.
"First let us tell you there is excitement here. It is so because although we are the
knowledge of all energy strings of all ages we are also an energy string. You have
brought much excitement to us. You are very important, as are all the pioneers, but you
in particular signal the coming of a new era, a new age where much of your here and
now will cease and much of the old here and now will reform and a whole new here
now will be created. This is why we are excited."
It was quite a thing to realise that the intelligence behind all this was excited to see me,
of all things. The pressure also mounted a bit and I was beginning to lose focus. I closed
my eyes and reformed my question in my mind and let it filter through my energy string.
"How am I going to find the people I need to find and what must I do when I get there?"
I asked.
"What you must do when you get there Matthew will be evident, you will know in your
very core exactly what to do. We say only this, do first and then think, this will allow for
the natural progression of that what is to be, to be. As for how to get there. You were
once told that all things have an energy string. Regardless of how you term them, which
will either be animate or inanimate, alive or dead. Each thing has an energy string.
"Right now across the planet, Mother Nature is cleaning out areas that she sees as sick
and decaying. She is forcing a new start in these areas. She does not want to harm
humans, this is merely a side effect of their own doing because they have failed to listen.