Of the areas here that are being prepared for cleansing, she has offered to help you
locate the specific individuals who are of extreme importance for
the future of this
planet and all its inhabitants. To find this, you need to dial into the master energy string.
You need to do what very few people have ever done and you must do it several times,
something no one
has ever done. You must also come back each time, something no one
has ever needed to do, and when you are finished here, you need to then choose your
own path.
"So now you have the answer of how you will be able to do what you must do, would you
like to know how to do this
or would you like a few minutes to gather your thoughts?"
"Uuuuuuuuum, give me a few minutes please," was all I could say. I knew all this to be
true. I knew that the twins and Kim were vital to the start of this whole global event. Of
all the things I knew, knowing what lay ahead of me right now disturbed me the most. I
sat still for a few minutes and calmed myself down. I knew everything was happening as
it had been planned and that I just needed to trust that I could do what I had been
chosen, or chosen myself, to do. I guessed about fifteen minutes passed before I was
ready for the next step. I sent out the mental instruction to continue.
"Very well Matthew. As you are aware of your own energy string the most, you will need
to focus on it as per usual. Once you have a firm
hold on it then you will be ready to take
the next step. Our instruction to you will be in stages as you will need a real time tutor to
get this right. Go ahead and grab hold of your energy string."
I did as I was instructed. I had become a regular at this little exercise so it came with
little effort. I had my energy firmly in my grasp within a minute.