"Good, now you need to wrap the rest of your awareness around it much like when you
wrapped your own string around those of your friends when you communicate with
them. Can you do that? Do you know what I am suggesting?"
At first I didn't answer, my brain
tried to figure out what was being said. I knew
immediately that I was not going to be able to figure it out. So I merely tried to describe
it as best as I could. "You mean you want me to turn myself inside out?" I asked.
"That is a good way of putting it, yes. You need to take your source and then focus it
back on itself, much like a snake eating its own tail. The way to do this is not to try and
focus your energy string on itself but rather take the rest of your awareness from your
mind and body and focus it back onto the energy string. It will be the merging of three
parts of you, the spirit, the mind and the body. Be careful when you do, just go slow and
take it easy."
I did this by first clearing my mind of all other distractions. It was easy to do this in the
peaceful surroundings of Grandpa's study. I then used my mind to locate every part of
my body and with that felt my energy strings presence in every part of my body. Once I
had got to grips with this I focused my attention in terms of my mind and body and all
my conscious awareness of this back onto my energy string. Time stood still. Everything
froze. The silence was complete. In the reality of the universe I was a tunnel of energy
and when I received my additional focus from where I sat with my
mind and body, the
tunnel that was me formed a doorway to let the reality of myself here, inside. I literally
climbed into the real me. It was as if a task had been completed and the last cog of an all
important mechanism clicked into place and the machine that was everything sprang
into life. I felt it and it was amazing. It was also more than anything I could ever conceive.
It was everything all at once. And it was all bright.