"Well done, you are dialled in to the source. It is very important that you remain calm
and connected otherwise you might not make it back to where you started and that is
not a good thing. Many who have been where you are now have had no reason to
return, or desire to do so. This will be your greatest challenge. You must remain with the
desire to return Matthew, if you get lost in the greatness of the source and loose focus
then it may as well end now, do you understand?"
I understood. "Yes, what happens now?" I asked.
"Now, now you hold on and enjoy the ride." the sentence had barely finished and I shot
off at a million miles and hour into a million different directions at a million different
times on the back of a million different colours, all at once. I literally exploded with pure
love. I was everywhere all at once, I knew all places at all times all at once. I was at
complete peace and totally connected. I could be here forever I felt to myself. With that
came a warning in the back of my being that I was here to connect and come back. I was
beginning to fall more and more into the source and I did not want to go back at all. A
picture of Kim flashed through me and with it the feeling and connection I had to her.
This was just barely strong enough for me to turn back to what I was here to do.
What was I here to do? I asked myself. There was no answer. I asked out loud, still there
was no answer. Then the thought occurred to me. I asked for the source to show me
how to fulfil my task. I was expecting the same instructive voice that I had been
following up to now, but it was not there. It was replaced with knowing. That's all I can
describe it as, knowing. The knowledge had been in me all along, I was only now asking
for the doors to be opened so I could access it. I had to locate people during this time of
upheaval caused by Mother Nature’s defence of herself. I needed to know how.
At first there was nothing. I was getting drawn back into the brightness of all that is and
could feel how this was the only place that there ever truly was, is or every will be so