there was no reason to be anywhere else. Luckily just before I got to that point though I
unlocked the knowledge I had been looking for. Firstly I had to be ready to connect to
the source at a moments notice. The places I needed to be were accessible as glowing
beacons that I
would be able to see when I looked at the network.
The network? I thought to myself. What is the network? Instantly I was looking over an
immense white landscape that stretched off as far as I could see in all directions. When I
wanted to see what was beyond my vision I immediately moved and was instantly in a
place that seemed to be thousands and thousands of kilometres away. In fact it was as if
I could be in the place where is stood and in the middle at the same time. What I was
looking at astounded me and if breathing were a requirement where I was then it would
surely have taken my breath away.
I was looking at a network of energy strings that connected and twisted and turned like
the intricate roots of a massive tree, a tree the size of the universe. Everything was
predominantly silvery white except when I focused directly on it, then it changed into a
soulful colour and I could hear the tune of the energy string. It was surreal and awesome.
In the middle where I stood I could see my energy string as it was connected to the
source and with all other things. I was looking at all things in the world as they
connected to each other. There was a distinct difference between dead and alive things,
animate and inanimate as I learned. But each grain of sand
had an energy string, as
minute as it was it was there and it connected to the more prevalent energy strings of
rocks and mountains and the earth itself and so it went on. Each molecule had an
energy string that connected and pulsated and moved into all things. It was the most
organised chaotic thing I had ever seen and I just wanted to get lost in it. The picture of
Kim flashed through again, this time with the faces of the twins and Dad. I was pulling
myself back to what I was here to do.