I surveyed the
landscape and did not focus on any one specific thing until everything
was back to a silvery white and all the tunes merged into the sound of the universe, the
sound of reality. It was a throbbing heartbeat that carried the sound of bells tolling in-
between beats. It was soothing and nurturing. It was bloody amazing to hear. I listened
intently and enjoyed the sound of life as I surveyed the network for flashes over and
above the twinkling of the energy strings. Off in the distance to my left I saw an energy
pulse flash to the rhythm of the universal heartbeat. I drew towards it and instantly I
was standing over it like a giant looking down on a city landscape. I looked closely at the
pulse, it was coming from a series of intertwined energies, it was a school. The
landscape that they were in was pulsating green and I focused intently on the location
of this place in the universe, specifically where in South Africa it was. Immediately the
location was imprinted in my own energy string and filtered to the section of my mind
that was firmly connected to the source. I knew I would never forget the address, even
if I didn't know where it was exactly. The picture of where it was on a map entered into
my energy and imprinted itself forever.
The energies were primarily those of children. Coming in from all areas at a rapid pace
was the energy string of water, each molecule attached to the next descending on this
sunken school like a wave directly from the ocean. I knew that I had to get them out of
there before it was too late. That was my task for this group. I looked at the strings and
the whole situation. It was unpredictable to them. An underground river that had been
only slightly active over the past few hundred years had sprung to life a few hundred
kilometres North of them, it was as a result of flooding on the higher plains. This water
had seeped into the underground river through a ravine and no one noticed. It was
moving like a steam train towards them and would probably be there soon. Once it hit,
the water
levels would envelop the school and all those in it. As I looked I realised the
water levels at the school were just the start.