Spreading out from there was more pulsating locations that would need to be
evacuated. I saw now that it was not just a school, but a whole suburb and I had to go
into it to get them out. I had precious little time, we
had precious little time. I found
myself dialled into the source, wondering how to get out. There was still a huge part of
me that did not want to leave but whenever I felt that way the faces of my friends
would flash into range. I knew what I had to do on the outside, now I just needed some
help to get there. I took one last look at the locations and then set the intention directly
to the source to please leave. I
knew that I had to go back to the middle where I started,
where my energy string connected to it all. In an instant I was there looking at my
slightly green energy string stretching out into every part of the network.
The funny thing I realised about getting out was that I could not go backwards, only
forwards. I knew it. I had to fall into the network to get back to where I was. I had to
become everything to become myself again. I had to disassemble in order to reassemble.
I did not hesitate, there was no place for hesitation in the source. I literally closed my
energy eyes and fell into the network. I again felt being pulled into every direction in
every time all at once. I felt the world and everything in it instantly. I let go completely
and had to not think to keep myself from going mad. Everything was everything all at
once and the ride came to a climax right at the end when I was sitting back on the couch.
Dad was standing in front of me when I opened my eyes and realised I was screaming
hoarsely at
the top of my voice in the same way I did when I went on the Cobra roller
coaster at Gold Reef City for the first time. Dad had his hands on my shoulders and a
panic in his eyes. After a few more breathless screams I told him "I’m ok, I’m ok, just
give me
a minute." The green tube of light ascended into a mist and trailing behind it I
could has sworn I heard a light chuckle. I looked up at Dad, tears welled up in my eyes.
"I know what to do Dad, I know a lot, but mostly I know what to do," I touched his face,
"and I love you, very much." I gave him a hug and then stood up. Dad was still a little
taken aback, but he trusted me and followed me into the kitchen where I got some