water. I went up to Maria, told her I loved her
and asked her to pack us some food. I
looked over to Dad. "We need to leave in a few minutes, let's find Grandpa and I will fill
you in," it was a loving instruction that came from a place of confidence and leadership.
I had a complete shift within me, I felt different.
He was outside under a tarpaulin in the main courtyard working on a generator that was
giving him some trouble. We hurried into his make-shift work area out of the rain. He
looked up at Dad and then over to me, smudges on his face and blackened hands. He
looked to be in his element. "Well?" he shouted over the sound of the generator. I just
smiled at him and nodded, he smiled back.
"Good!” he shouted again, “go over to the Jeep, I will get you there in five minutes.” He
turned his attention back to the generator and barked an order in Sotho to the man
helping him. Dad and I ran off to the Jeep through the relentless rain. Maria was
standing there loading some food packages for us on the back seat. There were two
flasks, coffee and hot chocolate no doubt, she was such a gem. As we got to the Jeep I
gave her another hug and she hugged Dad too. I told her we would see her in a little
while with more people. She just rolled her eyes at me and said some choice words as
she turned and went back inside. Dad and I checked the gear in the back and got into
the vehicle, it was very very nice. Dad did a quick check on all the settings and he
seemed to have the hang of it by the sounds of the mumbling under his breath. He was
very good with these kinds of things. He turned his attention to the GPS and then looked
at me. I closed my eyes and rattled off the latitude and longitude of our first location.
The words appeared in my mind the moment I thought of it.
I could see from the silvery words floating around his head that he was impressed and
concerned at the same time. "Hey, don't do that, you can speak to me the old fashioned
way if you don't mind!" he scolded.