results.My brethren, we have received news, we are to help those we can as the planet
readjusts to care for the future.”
There was a concerned murmur making its way through the crowd. I myself had not
fully understood what had been said but Dad and George certainly had. I knew from the
look on Dads face that this was that serious thing I had tried to delay earlier in the day.
This type of thing had happened to me before, when mom and Dad told us they were
getting divorced. In that moment everything changed completely and forever. The
change may work out but at the time it is still change. I knew that when I realised what
all this meant for me, everything would change, completely and forever, again.
Kim had also come to this realisation and the colour combined
by everyone became a
silver mist that fell over us all. The General gave out a loud single note that was Pelican I
guess for silence. His huge wings thundered a few times in the air to add to the effect, it
was not needed as the note seemed to do the trick perfectly. “I have consulted with the
other General’s around the world and we have formed a plan of action as is expected of
us, your work group will each receive a full briefing of what is to come and what your
role will be as we move into action.” As he spoke a series of Pelicans filed into the arena
in perfect unison, each carrying a wooden crate filed with rolled up papers sealed with a
normal piece of grass string.
“And yes, the Council has been consulted and the information has been checked,
rechecked and then checked again and then verified by the Council. We are certain of
what has been communicated and it has not been misinterpreted.” This statement was
enough to stop anyone from asking questions about the validity of the information.
“The council has also advised us on the correct course of action and has set the direction
for us, it is our job to now carry this out and work together as we always have.” He let