"Sorry, I am getting into the groove, I am going to need it when we get there," I replied.
Dad plugged the coordinates into the GPS and the address came up. It was the
Alexandra sports stadium.
"Is this where we are going?" he asked.
"Nope," I said, "it's where he is going," I pointed to the driver of the truck we saw when
we arrived a little
over three hours ago. He was leaning against the back of his truck
smoking a cigarette. He saw us looking at him and came over to the passenger side
"What do you have for me little brother?" he asked in his strange African accent.
"This location," I pointed at the large screen of the GPS. He stuck his head in the window
and took a long look. He then pulled his head out and walked back to his truck. He
pulled out something from the back and then came over to the driver side. He handed
Dad a radio
hand set.
"This is a two way locked on a single channel, let me know what's what when you know
what's what," he smiled and walked back to his truck, got in, started it and drove off.
Dad looked at me with a 'dare I ask?' look on his face. I closed my eyes and rattled off
the coordinates where we were headed, it was approximately three kilometres from the
Alexandra sports stadium. Along with the coordinates came an overwhelming feeling
that we needed to hurry. "We need to get a move on Dad, start the car," he did so
without question. Grandpa arrived just as he did.
"Be safe my boys, I will be in communication with Philemon if you need me. I think that
if you need me it would be on the other side of whatever you are about to get into.