Alerting the police won't help, it needs to be seen to be believed," the words just flowed
from my tongue. Before I was finished Dad was already on the phone. He had quite a
hard time explaining to Graham in terms he could understand as to what was going on.
But Dad swung it by explaining it would be a story of a lifetime for him and it would save
a ton of people, and if he was wrong he would take him to dinner in the fanciest
restaurant in South Africa, of his choice. Dad rattled off the location for him and hung up.
I was half expecting him to look at me and say ’you better be right young man’, but he
didn't, he just smiled and said "what's next?" It was a good question. I could feel in my
self that we were close. Ever since I dialled into the source I could feel energy strings I
encountered as they moved around, it was because at a base level everyone is dialled
into the source, everyone and everything makes up the source. I was just conscious of it
by way of experience now. The water was rushing like mad underground, it was scary.
We took the London Road exit off the highway and turned right into Alexandra, I
remember coming through here with Dad once when he worked on the Sportsman's
Village as part of the All African Games a while back. It was phenomenally busy back
then, people were hustling and bustling about the streets and the energy was almost
visible. This time round, except for a few drenched pedestrians it was deserted. Water
was running off the road into the rundown drainage system like a river. The Hummer
was already sloshing around a lot. It wouldn't be long before the entire place would be
impossible to navigate.
Some of the shacks along the side of the road were already flooded and people were
making their way upwards to higher ground to friends and neighbours. The camaraderie
was hopeful at least. The navigation system
was guiding us along quite well. We got to
the stadium without any problems and we saw Philemon parked in the parking lot which
was luckily raised and deserted. We pulled up alongside him and Dad told him about
Graham. We would be coming back to get him if necessary. It made me start to ask the
question what exactly did Graham need to film and where did he need to be. This place