seemed to the best for now. I needed to get us to our first location and the navigation
system was not going to be of any use.
"Well, where to?" Dad asked when he turned the navigation system off. I looked at him,
looked forward and then closed my eyes. I started to rattle off the instructions. The
roads were narrow and flooded and as far from tarred as I was from being confident
that I was ready for this, because I wasn't. The narrow maze was difficult to navigate
and the deeper we went in left and right and straight and right and left and so on and so
on the more I understood that without being dialled into the source it would be
impossible to get anywhere or to get back. Dad was navigating a series of objects that
were strewn across the road, carried in from the water obviously when I told him to
stop. We were outside a series of shipping containers that had been arranged and
converted into an orphanage and pre school facility in the heart of Alex. There were
about twelve children currently there and they needed to get out fast.
"Here Dad, and we need to move fast," I said, "and there are twelve kids here, two
teachers and a house
mother, you'll have to take them in two trips. I got out the car into
the pouring rain, so did Dad. I moved to the back of the car and looked in one of the
bags for a flashlight and a raincoat. In no time Dad and I were dressed in knee length
yellow raincoats with two industrial torches in our grasp. Dad was not comfortable with
having to do two trips, but there was no way we were going to get Philemon's truck
here. The sense of urgency welled up in me again. It wasn't specifically for the
underground torrent of water heading towards us a breakneck speed, it was something
else and I didn't want to hang around too long to find out what it was. Some of the
residents were gathering around to see what we were doing there. My heart sank, there
were more people here, more than we could manage. They would have to be left
behind, they were not part of my extraction. I just prayed that they were part of
someone else's.