We went into the orphanage and found the children huddled around a paraffin stove
with the three adults in the middle of one of the containers that had been converted
into the main lounge and office area for the home. It was pitch black except for the
glimmer from the stove. All the power was out.
"I only know very little Sotho my boy and it's not enough to get by here and somehow I
don't think the teachers barking orders out is going to speed things up, do you have a
plan?" Dad asked. I didn't but luckily instinct took over. I walked up to the two male
teachers and spoke.
"There is a massive flood coming sirs, don't ask how we know, we just know. It is my
task to make sure these children are taken to safety and it is your task to help us load
them up and when that is done you need to help this community, do you understand
me?" I asked.
"We understand
you child, in fact we have had a feeling that something bad is coming
for a while now and we were just discussing how we were going to get out of here when
you arrived, it is a miracle that you are here," replied the youngest of the two men.
"This is my
father, he will help us drive the children in two teams up to the truck that’s
waiting to take them and others to safety. May I speak with the children?" I asked out of
respect. The men nodded as Dad stepped closer and introduced himself.
The kids were very young, the oldest was six years old. I took a close look at them, they
all stared at me along with their house mother. The shapes floating around their heads
were unrecognisable to me. They were the same usual silvery light and visible enough in
the darkness but they were in a language I did not understand completely. I focused on
the shapes as an idea formed in my head. I let it flow through. Each shape was tied to
the person it came from, each of these people had energy strings that were tied into the