source and the source was universal. If I could trace the energy string of each person
into the source then maybe I would be able to understand the language they chose to
think in. I tried it out. I focused on the words of the six year old and followed the
connection to his energy string. I then kept the string firmly in my attentive grasp and
then found the part of it that was dialled into the source.
It felt very strange being told that everyone communicated the same way, they just
chose to express it differently. We simply translated it into what we called language. I
had to look beyond the words, the energy that made up the words, there I would find
the real way communication happened and from there I would essentially be able to see
any language in any form I wanted. I focused on the energy just behind the words. I was
looking at the raw essence of what made up the words in this persons head. I felt them
out and found meaning in them, subtle hints of different emotions and experiences, vast
and simple at the same time. There was much that I did not grasp, but like normal, I
stuck with what I could understand and focused on that. This child in particular was
frightened and was in dire need of the toilet but was too afraid to ask never mind find
his own way to one, he was on the verge of soiling himself.
I asked the house mother where the toilet was, she showed me to a container joined to
the one we were in but we needed to go outside to enter it. I took the child by the hand
and motioned for him to come with me. I took him to the toilet and handed him the
flashlight with a smile. He took it gratefully and returned a few minutes later looking
and feeling a whole lot better. He was wondering how I had understood what he
needed. Looking at him I made the decision to use crude sign language to illustrate that I
could see the words around his head and that I could now translate the simple
frequencies I was only just starting to understand. He knew only a handful of English
words, one of them was "how?" It was a simple question that he knew was a question
and he was asking me how I could translate if I did not know the language. It stumped
me and I stared at him before I was able to answer with a gesture.