I pointed at a school poster on the wall of the container that showed an energy saving
light bulb and illustrated a few ways for consumers to save electricity. I placed my finger
on the lines used to depict the electrical current and looked at the boy. I then said the
word "energy" and waited to see if he understood. He merely looked up at me and
repeated, "energy". He took my hand and we walked back into the container where
everyone was waiting for us. We were wet from our little venture outside. I looked at
the other kids and without hesitation instructed the house mother to take all of them to
the bathroom straight away, which she duly did. The boy stayed by my side as I stood
and spoke to Dad. We had decided that he would take the youngest first and then
return for the rest, one of the men would drive with him and return when the second
group were dropped off with the house mother. Dad relayed the message to the two
men and they agreed.
When the children returned the urgency to get them into the Hummer was
overwhelming, a side of me took over that I was quite astounded with. I sounded like
the General as I barked orders to the house mother to separate the children into two
groups. I pointed at the kids for the first group, I instinctively knew their ages as I
accessed their energies. The six of them moved off in single file with the older teacher
and Dad. "I will be back in a few minutes my boy, hold tight," Dad said.
"Hurry Dad, something is coming and it's not the flood yet, I don't know what it is but
we need to get a move on," I could see the panic in his eyes as he struggled with leaving
me behind and rescuing the kids. The younger teacher looked at Dad and spoke.
"Fear not sir, I will be here with your boy," he paused, "but to be honest it is he that
would be better equipped to keep us safe, no?" he asked. Dad smiled and nodded. My
heart swelled with pride in the faith my father had in me. No matter what I did, saw or
experienced, I knew in that moment my family would always remain the most important