a very narrow ledge looking down into a very very big hole. I saw Dad pull up in the
Hummer. He jumped out with the other teacher and looked around frantically for me. I
stood up and shouted for his attention. The rain made it difficult but he saw me. I
pointed at the house mother who was screaming her head off and pointing at the
bottom of the hole. I looked down to see what was making her so on edge. At the
bottom the containers that had once been the school had met with a host of shacks
from across and around the street in a tangled pool of metal and water and under layers
of the metal and around a large number of the bits and pieces lay motionless bodies of
the inhabitants of these crumbled makeshift homes. The site made me reel backwards
and I fell against the teacher who had help me escape. The reality of the situation
crashed down on me like a ton of bricks and I threw up.
Dad was shouting something to me, it took a few moments for me to shake my head
clear, the impending flood pushed me back into action. I concentrated hard enough to
make out what he was saying over the hockey field size crater.
"Sink hole! It's a sink hole! Are you okay?" he asked, "Are you guys hurt?" he asked.
"No!" I screamed back. He gave me the thumbs up and motioned for me to hang ten
while he helped the house mother to safety. They used the rope and harness in the boot
and the winch on the front bumper to haul her up. The kids were in the car and she
scrambled in as well. Dad stood at the edge contemplating what to do, he moved to the
back and busied himself rigging something together. While he did that I received an
inclination that I needed to scan below for survivors. I moved away from the younger
teacher and sat down in the muddy street to steady myself. I scratched my way into the
source and felt around for my location and there in the middle of it was the void that
was the recent sink hole. I moved around it like a hand feeling around a polished
wooden bowl for imperfections. I searched and searched and found no signs of active
energy strings as they are attached to people who are still in their bodies. There was