however a lot of energy movement of freshly released energies moving around
frantically and erratically. I observed part of the source take these energies and guide
and move them in a different way and different direction. It was fascinating and it took
considerable effort to tear myself loose from the captivating action.
I was about to pull back when a very faint energy blip flashed across my attention, I felt
my way through the chaos and located a very faint set of energies, two to be exact,
within each other. I knew I was looking at a pregnant woman who was pinned under the
structure of her fallen shelter, she was unconscious and slipping fast. I pulled up and
stood up. I knew exactly where
she was. I looked over to Dad. He had a backpack
attached to the rope he used to haul up the house mother and he was standing on top
of the Hummer which he had moved to park on top of a rubble mound just off to the
side of the road. He was swinging the bag
in a circular motion so it would get over to me.
It took several attempts but eventually it made it across the fifty metre wide gap. I
opened it up looking for the most logical tool. I knew I could read Dad and that with
time we would be able to imprint on each other and connect to each ones energy string
like I did with my friends, but to be honest it did not feel right for some reason. I much
preferred proper old-school ways of talking to Dad. I found the walkie talkie in the front
pocket, the green light was flashing. I turned the volume up.
"Dad, there is someone alive down there, she is pregnant and fading fast, she is
trapped!" I shouted down into the device. There was a lot of static coming through as
Dad processed what I had said. I felt a hand grab my shoulder and turned to look into
the face of the young teacher. He was worried, I looked at the words floating around his
head and my heart dropped. A crowd had gathered on both sides and were peering into
the hole and many were trying to salvage what
they could from the chaos. I looked back
into the hole and then spoke again into the device. "Dad, tell the older teacher to help
and handle the crowd, and let go of the rope, I need it." There was silence, I could feel
him staring at me.