out another loud single noise that seemed to be a command to the Pelican’s with the
crates as they started to move around the audience and hand out the papers.
One such paper was handed directly to Kayla and she came over to us with her Pelican
features seeming very sombre indeed. The General had hopped down from the stage
and was now moving between the crowd, stopping here and there to listen and speak to
whomever was there.
Kayla opened the paper and read it to herself. I found myself standing now, as much of
the rest of the people had done. Kim, George and Dad were all standing as well and we
all formed a kind of a circle as we waited for Kayla to finish reading and pass the paper
“I am not too sure what’s going on Matthew,” said Kim “but whatever it is let’s agree
that you and I stick together, it would make me feel better.” She smiled at me with
those big brown eyes of hers and there was no way I could resist, I nodded silently in
agreement as coolly as I could manage. I could feel my colour begin to change and I
knew that there was no way I could hide my reaction from her, so I didn’t try. Kim
smiled some more and winked at me. Now I knew my colour was changing for sure.
Dad cleared his throat in frustration, hoping that Kayla would sense his agitation and
either read faster or out loud. Neither happened, except she
did put up a wing and held
out her hand silencing Dad’s little outburst. After a couple of minutes Kayla finished
reading, looked up and let out a nervous little laugh. I had heard this kind of laugh
before, it was the same laugh I used when I had not done something I was supposed to,
normally homework, and was feeling a little anxious. Kayla was very definitely nervous
about something. Dad and George took the paper and read it together, breaking into
surprised exclamation every now and then.