"I am going to ask this only once and it kills me, are you sure?" Dad asked me.
"Yes, I am sure," I replied, "the woman lying at the bottom of the sink hole is the wife of
the teacher with me, we need to save her." Dad let go of the rope and I pulled it in. I
turned to the teacher.
"How did you know?" he asked me with tears in his eyes.
"The same way I knew we must come here," I replied. "And I can tell that she is your
wife and we need to get down to her, help me put this harness on and lower me into
the hole," I instructed him. He stared blankly at me. "Come on! We don't have much
time, she is fading!" I yelled.
"No!" he shouted back. "No! I will go down, you are needed elsewhere, I can feel it, and
you will not be strong enough to move whatever is pinning her down." From there it
was all action, I stepped back as the teacher yelled to a bunch of onlookers to help him,
they moved in without hesitation. I could feel them, they were eager to help, this was
their place, their home and they wanted to, needed to do something. I grabbed the
teacher and pulled him to the edge.
"Do you see that red container there?" I asked him. He nodded. "Under there is a small
hole that you will be able to fit into, directly under that is where you will find her. I can't
tell you what her injuries are but I will have Dad lower down some sort of makeshift
stretcher that he can use to winch her up okay?" He nodded and within seconds was
over the edge lowering himself down into the sink hole. It was unstable to say the least
but no one was
going to stop him. Four men were lowering him down using a stop sign
pole as leverage. I jumped back onto the walkie talkie.
"Dad!" I shouted.