"Yes, I am here, I see he
went down instead?" he asked with relief.
"Yeah, he felt it to be best. Check the Hummer for a stretcher of some sorts that you can
use to winch her up."
"I will check now." Dad sped round to the back and after some rummaging emerged
with a yellow package. "Found it! It's an inflatable kit, I am going to work on the rigging
so long, sit tight."
I could see Dad moving the winch cable around all sorts of ways and over all sorts of
things. He had managed to use a part of a fallen container that had not gone into the
hole to gain enough height to winch without banging the stretcher on the walls of the
sink hole too much. It wasn't pretty but it looked like it would be functional. Now all he
could do was wait.
At the bottom the teacher had entered the hole under the red container in search of his
trapped pregnant wife. There was a horrible silence that could be heard over the rain
which had at least calmed down for a bit. The kind of silence caused by human anxiety
and anticipation. The rope was being fed steadily and slacked up within a few minutes of
the man disappearing into the hole. There
were many things I was worried about, but
there was hope, if he could get in then surely there would be enough space to get out,
his wife was not far into her pregnancy so she would be manoeuvrable. Dad broke the
"Matt, we need to figure out how
to get you across here, you could go around the hole
through the shacks, can you find a safe way," he asked. I looked around, it was carnage
around the edges and some of the bystanders had noticed the ground was not stable so
everyone was pretty much evacuating to which ever side they were on. It would take
some time to negotiate it all and time is something we did not have a lot of.