"I don't think it's the right way to go Dad, give me a second and I will tell where our next
point is, you will have to meet
me there," I didn't wait for a reply. I dialled in and located
the next pickup point, it was directly behind me nearly two kilometres away. I wasn't
sure what it was yet but it was there, waiting and the urgency to get there was as strong
as the urgency that came with the current pickup.
"Dad, you are going to have to trust me. The second location is in the GPS unit, it's
about two kilometres behind me. You will have to make the drop and then find a way to
get there, and we need to hurry," I said. I could
tell he was not thrilled with the idea of
leaving me this side of the sink hole, he was looking for a way to get across. It was
completely irrational and when he realised it he stopped.
"I don't like it my boy," he said.
"I know Dad, but it’s the only way, you have to trust me," I told him. Just then an arm
appeared through the hole the teacher had gone into, then a torso and eventually the
body of his wife squeezed through the gap, she had regained consciousness and was
struggling with the help of her husband to position herself on her back. She ended up on
the roof of the collapsed container, both her legs were in bad shape and one looked
badly broken. Her husband emerged behind her and the strain of helping his wife was
beginning to show, it must have been difficult for him. It's amazing how strong emotions
can enhance physical strength. I looked over at Dad and waited.
"Okay, I trust you, I don't like it but I trust you, get going, I will catch up with you once I
have helped this lot to safety," he said reluctantly, "and Matthew?" he added.
"Yes Dad," I said.