"Be safe my boy, I love you very much and I am so proud of you, please just be careful,"
he pleaded.
"Of course Dad, I wouldn't know how to be any other way, and I love you too," I replied
and then turned and started to make my way to the next location. I didn't want to hang
around too long just in case Dad changed his mind. The teacher had just inflated the
stretcher so Dad would have to pay all his attention to the task at hand and he didn't
need to be worrying about me at the same time. I turned a corner and was out of site
within a few metres. It was difficult for me to shake what had just happened and
concentrate on a new scenario. The down side of being dialled into the source is feeling
everything and I could feel the panic around me. This place was in a state of depression
on a normal day, to feel it now with this weather and the newly formed sinkhole was
very intense. I was beginning to feel tired, my humanness was feeling heavy. It would be
impossible not to feel it.
I had to keep moving, the water was nearing its peak and would rupture to the surface
soon. The next location was a recreation centre filled with people who had been
displaced by the weather so far, there were a fair number of them. I didn't know what
to expect when I got there and I wasn't looking forward to handling the reaction of the
people we were not here for. I silently prayed for any other extraction teams to be on
their way to help the rest of this community. It was tough going zigzagging through the
tin shelters. I was receiving a number of looks as I was no doubt an out of place event
for this place. Two men tried to stop me to talk to me about why I was here and where I
was hurrying off to. I just kept moving and shouted behind me that I was here to help. I
was glad when they stopped and left me to my task. I didn't have time to be scared of
the situation but on any other day I would definitely have been a lot more fearful. I was
standing outside the recreation centre within twenty minutes.