Outside there were two nuns and a priest having a heated discussion in the rain. I stood
still and watched them, they were arguing over which one of them was going to stay
behind whilst the other two evacuated the area with some of the people who were
being housed in the rec centre. I was just about to approach the three of them when I
felt a familiar ping. It was one of the members of our group, a kid named Gunther. I
moved off to the side behind the entrance gate to the centre.
"Gunther am I glad to feel you, I take it you are aware of what is going on?" I said
through my energy string. His words echoed loudly in my head.
"Hello Matthew, yes we have seen the sink hole and we are making preparations to
have people removed from the area," he replied. I felt a tinge of panic.
"Is that the only reason you are here," I asked.
"Well that and the weather is going to worsen so the potential for flooding over the next
few days is very high. I was told to contact you as soon as we were in position, the
extraction team is making preparations as we speak," he said. My heart sank a little.
"Gunther you need to listen to me very carefully, we don't have much time," I said in a
hurry. "There is a massive underground river that is about to
break surface in this very
area. It will probably break open between where I am now and the sink hole. This entire
area is going to be under water within minutes of that happening. I am here with my
Dad and a truck to move out pockets of people I am being
led to. Please tell me your
extraction team will be able to handle the rest," there was a note of panic in my voice.
No reply. I waited. Five minutes passed, I could feel he was still there, he was talking to
someone. Still I waited. Eventually he came back on.