"Matthew, I have spoken to the team and we now know why we are here. Your
information has been very valuable, thank you," he said. I couldn't help it, I needed to
know what had happened over the past few minutes. I raced along his energy string and
prepared to jump into his consciousness to find out exactly what they were going to be
doing. I knew he was not telling me on purpose. I also knew what I was about to do was
possible, I just didn't know how it worked. I raced along anyway. Just before I got to my
destination I ran into what felt like a solid brick wall and I came to an abrupt halt. It
actually hurt like hell. The pain of the sudden stop was felt from the inside out and not
the outside in as was my usual experience. What made it worse was that Kayla was the
one who did it.
"Go back my child, you need to finish what you started here. You have been allowed
into the source because she trusts you. Stay with it, do not worry about what we have
to do. I assure you it is all as it is meant to be, now go, you have precious little time!"
she urged and I was shot backwards. I was standing in the rain listening to her words
echoing in my head. I had the feeling that I was not supposed to know what they were
going to be doing as it would distract me. I also got an overwhelming urge to restate to
the source that I was not a threat, which I did, as a precaution.
I was pulled out from my little inner experience by a crackling on the two-way hanging
from my belt loop on my pants. It was Dad. The sound startled the priest and the two
"Who's there?" he asked in a rough voice with a thick American accent. I stepped out
from behind the wall and walked up to the three of them.
"Give me a minute Dad," I spoke into the two-way and then introduced myself. "I am
Matthew sir, ma'am. I am here with my father and we are evacuating some people from
the area," I said directly.