"Which people my child?" asked one of the nuns.
"The ones God has asked us to take immediately," I replied. They stared at me blankly.
"Then I think you better come take a look inside my boy," said the priest. I followed
them inside, the rain was coming down a little harder now. I was hit by a wave of crying
as I entered the rec centre. There on the basketball court that made up the bulk of the
centre was a series of hospital cradles occupied by crying babies. There were two
women moving between the cradles assessing the situation and attempting to ease the
crying, but it didn't seem to be working. From what I could see there were about twenty
cradles in all. I stood still trying to take in the situation. I looked up at the priest, he
knew what I was thinking.
"They are all abandoned my son. Usually we only get two or three a month but since
this rain started we have been getting that per day. Now," he said enquiringly, "why are
you here exactly, and don't spare the details." There was a couch in the far corner away
from the noise, I motioned for us to take a seat there while we waited for Dad. I spoke
into the radio and told Dad what was in
store when he got here. I didn't have time to
give him detail, he had to deal with the shock on his own. I sat with the priest, the two
nuns had busied themselves with trying to keep the babies calm. I was just about to
start speaking about our task when I felt it. The first torrent of water had broken the
surface and it had come out right through the sink hole created earlier. I looked up at
the priest.
"Sir, there is something I need to do, please excuse me," I said. I pulled my legs up on
the couch and
closed my eyes. I followed my connection into the source to see exactly
what was going on. As complete as I felt when dialled into the source I was also human
and I could see and feel the energy strings and pulsating lights of hundreds upon
hundreds of people as they changed course. I knew they were the ones at ground zero