and were dead or about to die. To the source it was merely a transaction, moving
something from one place to another place and changing its appearance at the same
time. To me it was a shock and sadness took root in me so deeply I nearly collapsed on
the spot and imploded. Luckily the source was having none of that and spat me out very
quickly. On my way out I saw the water and felt its energy. It was alive and it had a very
specific purpose, almost as of it was pre-programmed for this specific moment and
nothing was going to stop it.
I opened my eyes and stood up. "I am sorry sir but there is no time, we have about ten
minutes before the water reaches us and then we will all drown unless we leave this
very moment," I did not even wait for his response. I walked over to the ladies and told
them to gather all the children in whichever way they could as we needed to get them
outside immediately. I then jumped onto the two way and spoke to Dad. "How far are
you Dad?" there was panic in my voice.
"I am right outside Matt, it was quite a drive," I was overjoyed to hear his voice. He
could tell I was in panic mode, I rushed outside to meet him just as he drove up the
entrance which was well under water now. He jumped out. "What's wrong?" he asked
immediately grabbing my shoulders to check if I
was okay.
"The water has broken surface Dad, in the sink hole," I said. I looked at him, tears rolled
down my cheeks.
"What Matt, what's wrong?" he asked me innocently.
"They didn't all make it out Dad, they didn't all make it out," was all I could say. I wanted
to bury my face into his chest, the sorrow I felt was heavy and depressing. I knew
though that there were twenty or so screaming babies inside that were on their way out