and I would be damned if they were going to be taken by the water as well.
I pulled back
from Dads grasp and composed myself with a few deep breaths.
"You need to put the seats down and lay out all the blankets in the back and strap
whatever there is in the car to the roof rack and you have about five minutes in which to
do it
because you are about to squeeze twenty babies and three adults into the
Hummer." He just looked at me and then at the ladies who burst through the door
holding covered up bundles of babies. There was a split second hesitation which left as
soon as it arrived. Dad raced and prepared the seats immediately. I ushered the ladies
to the vehicle and told them to make do with what there was. It would be bumpy ride to
the truck and it would be leaving with all of them to go back to the farm. The truck was
at least
parked on higher ground and was for now in the safest, closest place it could be
and was filling up quickly. Dad told me they ran into a few more kids and they jumped
on board so with this load the truck would be full and would need to leave. Loading the
Hummer full was tricky but we managed to get the bulk of the kids in the back with the
two nuns and the third lady in the front with no less than five babies bundled and
padded around her.
Dad was trying to find space for the priest and I, he suggested I ride on his lap and the
priest hold onto the side carriage. It sounded like a good idea but then Dad’s cell phone
rang and I felt who it was, and I was not going to be going with Dad. He was going to be
pissed. It was Graham and he was going to need my help getting in, not out. He hung up
and told me who it was.
"I know Dad and he has a very important role to play so that this can be televised and
extra help that is needed can get here, he needs to film the main water breaking
through and I am the only one
who can get him there safely," this time Dad did not
succumb to the task mentality. He immediately rejected the idea and said if anyone was
going to take Graham around it was going to be him, not me. He wanted me to give him