the location on the way back to the truck. I stood my ground, funnily enough the priest
stood with me for some reason.
"Matthew Sean van Aardt, you get in this car right now, do you hear me?" Dad ordered
in his most authoritative voice he could manage. Normally I would have done so without
hesitation or second thought. Things have changed though, I knew what he was doing
and I was not going to play into my or his fears. I knew what was real and I was, to an
extent, serene about it. We had about two minutes left. I needed to give Dad the
location where Graham was to meet me, I had one more pick up I needed to do first. He
could see it in my eyes, he knew it was a lost cause, he tried twice more out of habit and
then he broke down by the car door and cried. I went round and hugged him.
"You know this is how it is, I will be careful, I am ready. You must leave now if you want
to save these babies," I said and gently pushed him back into the car. "Graham needs to
meet me at the radio tower at the top of the road on the other side of the centre. You
need to leave the way you came in, Graham will need to take the fork to the right as he
comes this way though, and have him take the bike they have hitched on the back of
their news truck. I will meet him there." Dad nodded still crying and started the Hummer.
The priest moved to the side carriage and hopped on the outcropping and winked at me.
I had a feeling he helped with getting Dad moving, I just didn't know how. "I love you
Dad, see you in a bit," I said and turned on my heels and sprinted off in the opposite
direction. I heard the them roar into action and speed away up the flooded road.
I got to the
top narrow side street that came out behind the rec centre and stopped to
turn and see the water. It came in a quiet and deadly mass that silently engulfed the
steps of the rec centre. I looked around and although the place looked deserted I knew
it wasn't, inside these shacks were the remaining unsuspecting families who decided to
brave the weather and were about to be engulfed by this surprisingly silent mass of