Kayla came close to Kim and I and in a whispered voice spoke to us. “Usually we have a
nice little ceremony where we induct the children of our helpers and guardians. After
that we assign you with very basic tasks until you come of age and then move into full
eventually.” She was getting a little more nervous with every word. “Well it
seems that won’t be happening this time. The children are being sent straight into
service, if they so choose.”
“It says here we are to be debriefed fully after dinner, where would that be?” George
asked Kayla.
“Probably in the garden path homes out back” she answered. Kayla turned to grab the
attention of one of the messenger Pelican’s. One came over almost immediately. “Tell
me friend, where will we be debriefed fully?”
“Let me check the list, name?” he asked in a very formal tone.
“Kayla, and this is Jarred and George,” she pointed out, “and these two are Kim and
After scrolling down a list he held on a clipboard he looked up, fake smiled and said “it
seems you are in dwelling five, just off the husk path on the garden route.”
Kayla nodded and the messenger Pelican moved off to help some nearby fellows with
some queries of their own. The entire crowd was alive with the hustle and bustle of
hushed chatter and the moving of people and Pelicans in-between the pockets of
gatherings. The sun was starting to set, it had been quite a day and although I knew that
up to the minute time did not feature in this place, I could feel that a lot of time had
gone past and as it turned out the mentioning of dinner made me realise just how
starving I was.