water. I was on the verge of banging on all the doors and screaming for people to get
out when my next pick up arrived. Actually I was the one being picked up.
I walked right into a golden retriever with knotted wet hair sitting on his haunches and
looking up at me as if to say "what took you so long?" He looked like he was smiling. I
didn't even
have time to think about what to do. He got up turned and trotted away,
after about twenty metres he turned as if to say "we'll, are you coming or not?" I trotted
after him obediently. I knew two things. One, he was going to get me to Graham and he
was going to get Graham to where he need to be, and two, his name was Max. I
assumed getting to the radio tower would be easy as it was just behind the rec centre.
The problem I had not foreseen was the debris that was slowly moving down the steep
slope up to the tower on a bed of surface water. I looked up at the wall of debris and
looked behind me at the rising mass of water and panic at the fear of being trapped
between the two started to overcome me.
Max nudged at my knee, hard. I looked at him and knew he was the only one who would
be able to get me around the mass of chaos ahead of us. We were already knee deep in
water and small floating objects were bumping into me. It wasn't before long that I
started to feel the movement of what I could only assume were
the metal sheets used
to build the shacks moving unseen under the water. My body cringed at the danger, my
humanness was coming to the fore rapidly again. Max was paddling ahead and leading
me up to the very last place I would have thought would be safe to travel along, a green
palisade fence that spiked dangerously at the top. The fence ran up the hill to the tower,
it was steep and ran up at an angle. On the one side was all the debris from the
makeshift housing that had since collapsed. The other side was clear as it fenced off an
open field belonging to the municipality. It was roughly the size of two football fields.
We came to a hole in the fence and Max moved to the side that was clear, I did the
same. The fence was now acting like a filter and was
catching all the debris on the one