side. "Clever boy," I said affectionately to Max and gave him a well received rub on the
head. I was now waist deep in water and had an arm around Max as we made our way
up along the fence to the radio tower at the top of the hill. The mass of water moved up
the hill effortlessly and it took us up quickly. There were a number of residents coming
out of the collapsed dwellings, they were dumbstruck as to what was happening around
them. Max and I moved up along the fence without obstacle, as for the citizens caught
in the mayhem, they were not so lucky. I tried to stop and turn back to instinctively call
out and help, somehow. Max growled at me and I could only turn back and watch.
The water at the rec centre was roof high now and bubbling in one place. Without
warning and without hesitation or remorse a wave of water erupted and engulfed
everything in its path, the people were simply gone and Max and I were forced forward
by the break at full speed. We tumbled head over heels under the water and all I could
do was pray that we were not impaled on the spiked palisade fence. Luckily we were
pushed outwards toward the middle of water covered field. We broke surface round a
lone thorn tree that was sticking out at the top of the hill and by sheer luck were
wedged around the trunk as the water pulled back down the hill to level out some
metres back. The force of the pull back would have crammed us back against the fence
and the force would have tried to squeeze us through like a
spaghetti strainer.
We fell down hard onto the ground. It hurt. It was a big tree. I looked back and the
water was now rising at a steady and less dangerous pace. I felt the lights connected to
the source of the all the people around change form. A wave of sadness once again
replaced the shock. Max did the usual dog shake and sprayed his water all over me. I
estimated that the mass of water below would reach us in about a minute. We had to
move if we didn't want to swim the last three hundred metres. I numbed the sadness,
there would be plenty of time later to feel, but I did notice it was starting to build up
and it was very heavy on me. I got up with the backpack that was water logged on my
back. I didn't even feel the cold. As I stood the rain increased
in ferocity. Great, I thought