out loud, just what we needed. There was a loud roar up ahead, it was the motorbike. I
moved quickly toward it, Max followed.
When we got to the top I noticed the bike was a little knocked up, Graham must have
come off. Graham was tall and he had a funny camera contraption strapped to his back.
He was not panicked at all, in fact, he looked down right excited.
"Hi, has Dad filled you in?" I asked, Max sat beside me and stared up at Graham
"Sort of, I know him well enough and trust him completely. He said you will tell me what
to do here but I have a feeling it is to film this little water situation we have," he
responded and nodded at the mass of water coming up behind us quickly.
"Yes, you need to get this out
to the watching world," I paused and then said, "the worst
is still coming Graham and you need to film it. I won't be watching it with you, I am
going to get Max back to Dad, we still have work to do to get the people we have out of
"Don't worry Matt, I was long last in the field, but I am back in it today, and in it thick,"
he said excitedly. "I have everything I need to transmit via satellite or cell phone, and
since I will be up there," he pointed up the tower, "I think reception should be pretty
good don't you?" he asked with a smile.
"Yes," I said. The rain was falling harder. I took off the backpack. I knew there was
something in there for Graham. It came out in the form of a portable shelter kit for
wildlife photographers in rainy areas. I handed it to him. "Don't ask," I said, "clever
people packed this bag for us a long time ago." I needed to tell him something but I
didn't know how. Luckily Graham was a smart man.