Max galloping after me and barking. I didn't look back for fear of crashing but I knew
Graham was already climbing the tower. I was lurching forward bit by bit. My
confidence grew and I put the bike into second gear. All the bicycle riding with Dad had
paid off, I knew how to balance at least.
I was not going fast, Max was running beside me, he was running at top speed though. I
opened the accelerator more and more and found a comfortable speed to travel in and
still steer the bike around objects in the road and through the water. It was going
smooth and within a few minutes I was up at the hostel. I slowed down and put the bike
into first gear. There were rocks and rumble all over the place. Max in true style sped up
ahead and found the best way through. I leant the bike around some objects like
Graham told me, the rest was simple steering. I was very grateful to be in one piece.
Although it was not at break neck speed but it sure was faster and less effort than
running all the way here. The incline only stopped the water from making the road
impassable if we stayed ahead of it, but it was moving nearly as fast as us. It was tough
going through the hostel debris. It was clear sailing to the truck a few kilometres away, I
could have opened up a little and got there quickly. I nearly didn't stop, but I had to.
PART 2 Chapter 21:
Max came to a dead halt right in front of me. In a panic I hit the front breaks and went
barrelling over the handlebars and splashed to the ground barely missing a huge chunk
of concrete with horrible metal bits sticking out of it. I got to my feet and felt like giving
Max a word or two about the situation. Instead I looked at where he looked and got the
feeling I needed to check for some beacons of life. I closed my eyes and with no effort at
all was pulled to their location. There were three dots and there was absolutely no
doubt that I needed to get to them. The problem was they were trapped underground,
in the basement of the hostel. It was full of water but their energy had not transformed.
I simply wondered how and the message I got was that they were in an air pocket that
had only about ten minutes before it would become flooded.