I sprang into action. The water was now put to my waist and Max was paddling next to
me. I looked at him. "Go to the truck Max, if you can find it. I will get you there,
somehow, I hope," I said and gave him a pat on the back. He immediately swam off with
the water in the direction of where the truck was waiting for us. Hopefully. The current
was getting bad, I struggled to stay put and used the concrete block to lean against as
the water pulled around me. I grabbed the backpack and swung it to the front. I
rummaged inside and found what I was looking for. It was a silver tube with a big orange
mouth piece and the words "PET Rebreather" on it.
The gel packaging showed a picture of a diver using the mouth piece to breathe. I pulled
out a pair of underwater goggles I saw earlier and snapped them on. I had not time to
even think about what I was doing. I only knew that all those hours of school swimming
would hopefully pay off. I put the backpack into place and tightened the straps as tight
as they would go. The pack weighed
me down and kept my feet from lifting. The water
was up to my chin now. I pulled the "activate here" piece of plastic on the breathing
thing and slotted it into my mouth. It formed a seal the same way a snorkel did and I
started to breath through it. It tasted bad but I did not suffocate. I closed my eyes as the
water rose over my mouth. I did everything I could to stop myself from panic breathing.
It was as difficult as hell. After a minute or so I managed to calm down enough to open
my eyes. It was an entirely different world. The water was now higher than arm height
above my head.
What now? I thought. I flashed back to when I was trapped in the tunnel of brush back
on the island with Dad. I knew what to do, and just in time too. The water was attacking
me, it was assuming I was a threat and that I was in place to stop it. I slammed back into
the concrete block I was using for stability. It felt like I was being crushed.
I hooked my feet under a piece of metal so I didn't float away and I kept my back to the
concrete. I closed in round my energy string and elevated my tune. I put myself directly