in the path of the energy of the water and identified myself as a non threat the best I
could. The energy and the water were more intertwined than any other thing I had ever
seen or felt. I immediately knew it would be the same for all the elements in their purest
forms. The energy and water pulled back from pushing me against the concrete and
circled me instead. I was glad I had my feet rooted in. I could sense my body moving
about in the weightlessness of the water. I focused my attention back to the water
source energy. It invited me on an express tour of its route as it was. I jumped right in. I
needed to find the way to the people trapped below and quickly. I asked for the express
trip. I immediately regretted it.
Travelling on an energy route above ground and on an energy route under water are
two completely different things. I was feeling lost and disorientated within the first
second as we shot off at the speed of extremely fast things. I felt like it was the world’s
scariest roller-coaster, under water, twice as fast. I felt around, there was barely time to
register all the destruction that had been caused, but there was a lot. I didn't know quite
how far the reach was but it was very veryvery big. When the loop came round after
about two minutes I didn't get off. I kept going to make sure of where I needed to go. I
could only feel what the water felt so it was a little difficult. I found it on my third trip
round. The route to the air pocket. There were several but this one would be the
quickest as it worked with the water going in and out. Except I did not know where out
was, I just knew the water wasn't going to go there and the ground around felt stable. It
was a hell of a swim but the inbound current would help.
I stated my intention to the water and basically asked permission to continue and if
possible get a little push in a few places, especially getting out. The water swirled
around and continued on its natural course. I took this as a positive answer. I opened
my eyes, unhooked my feet under me and took my shoes off. I muscled the backpack
around and fished out the small flippers I saw lining the back wall of the bag. They were
a perfect fit and would give me the stability I needed. I was still amazed at the mouth