piece and goggles I had on, they were so easy getting used to. I made a mental note to
tell all the people we had helped that they were saved by unknown individuals who
packed bags based on guidance from a power greater than themselves without question.
The real hero's of the day.
I floated a bit in one place and waited for the current to come round, I knew it was
coming and it was coming hard and fast. I had one chance to get it right,
the next
current would be too late. I could almost hear it under the water. A flurry of bubbles
was coming at me hard and fast. I turned kicked furiously to get ahead. Just as I reached
a good speed the current slammed into the back of me and pushed in a
very crude
fashion in the direction I needed to go. It took a few seconds to plug into the energy of
the current but once I did it was easier to use the flippers to steer. The one message I
got loud and clear was not to swim or struggle against the current, I would just tire out
and probably drown.
I didn't think it possible that there were gaps and grooves and pits and pathways that I
would fit through slowly, never mind surrounded by water at high speed. But there
were. I just did my best to steer and pull my arms and legs into my body when I got the
feeling to do so. A couple of times I bounced off some structure or a fallen piece of
building. Luckily I didn't get snagged on anything. It took just those few times for me to
quickly learn how this form of travelling worked. Listen or get squashed and beaten till
you drown.
I was very much in the dark when we started and as I was whisked downwards it
became almost pitch black and scary as hell. A little voice inside my head told me to bite
into the mouthpiece of the breathing device. It was my voice, but a voice nonetheless
and I had long since learned not to ignore that voice in these kinds of situations. I did so
gently. Immediately a green beam of light shot out of the front of the mouthpiece and
lit the space in front of me extremely well. I could even control the intensity of the beam