with the pressure of my bite. The harder I bit the brighter it shone. The beam seemed to
pierce through the water like rays of the sun in the ocean. I was amazed. I looked
around as I sped forwards and could see the bits and pieces of the hostel as I travelled
through it. It looked as if I was barrelling down a flight of stairs linking the ground floor
to the basement parking areas.
How I did not get smashed around into objects was still amazing to me. I ended up
heading straight towards a closed white door at the bottom of the stairs. The green light
from the mouthpiece getting brighter and brighter as I got closer and closer. I tensed up
and that voice in my head told me to put my legs out and lock them. I did, just in time. I
hit the door full on and with the force of the water and my straight legs the door burst
open, there was air on the other side. I shot into the open space riding a wave of water.
I came to a stop on my backside with my legs still locked now pushing against a wall and
water rushing around me. It took me a couple seconds to get my bearings. I took the
mouth piece out but left the goggles on.
I stood up, the water was already hip height. In the middle of
the floor area just off to
my right were three teenagers huddled around a support pillar in an area that ran off to
the entire open expanse of the basement. The ceiling was the concrete of the floor
above us and it was low. The water was coming in from every space it could, and now it
was coming in through the door I just smashed open like a sluice gate. I waddled over to
the three of them feeling slightly guilty about making their plight happen that much
"I am here to get you out," I said, catching my breath.
They stared at me. "And how do you suppose you are going to do that?" asked the
tallest one, a girl, who was as scared as ever and had no faith in someone five years