younger than her who wore a silly mask and just brought all the water they were hiding
from with him. Just what I needed, I thought to myself, resistance. Lovely.
"My friend," I said straight to her, "I would love to sit here and argue with you but as
you can see the water is coming, it would have come no matter what, you know it, I
know it, we all know it." I paused for dramatic affect. "And I have come to help you get
out, now unless you see anyone else here who has come to help you escape, I suggest
you shut up and listen to me, okay?" I didn't know where it came from but the
confidence and authority from which I spoke hit all three of them directly where it was
supposed to and they all nodded at once. I said a silent thank your prayer for whatever
it was that came through and helped me. We literally had three minutes. "We have
three minutes, there is no time to loose and no time to panic," I said.
I flung the backpack around and grabbed the three oxygen mouthpieces from it and
handed the first two to the tall girl and stocky boy. I was about to hand the third one to
the skinny
boy when my heart fell through the bottom of my rib cage and the muscles in
my body tensed up. The mouth piece was broken, there was a large amount of
compressed air or gas or whatever it was spilling out of it. I dropped it in shock and it
sank down into
the churning disaster swarming around us and then it was gone. I had
only my mouthpiece left. There were three sets of swimming goggles in the backpack
and three nose plugs. I gave them out.
"Which one of you is the best swimmer?" I asked in a high pitched voice.
"I am," said the girl. Great I thought. Oh well.
"Give him your mouthpiece, we will have to share," I instructed, thankfully she did so
without question. "You two, look at the instructions and put the mouthpieces in now,
they will allow you to breathe. As soon as you get the hang of it get under the water and