PART 1: Chapter 1
The Pelican King came to be king in a very bizarre way, but before we get into that, we
need to set the tone, create the atmosphere and tell you about the land of the Pelican’s.
It all started when I was a young boy during a very confusing and bizarre period of my
life. My parents had decided to get a divorce. The word “divorce” was not something I
fully understood, but I knew that people saw it as a bad thing and that it meant change,
unhappy change.
During this time I spent equal time with my mother and my father at their homes,
was indeed a change, but not an unhappy one. The unhappy change was that my
mother and father did not speak to each other like they used to, and although it was
pleasant, it did not carry the love it once did. But this is not about divorce, it’s about the
first time my father took me on holiday, just the two of us. We went to a faraway place
of magic and wonder, a place I had never been to before, on a holiday that was to shape
the rest of my life. He took me to Mozambique for a few weeks.
To this day I remember the look on my father’s face when he told me he was taking me
to Mozambique, just the two of us for a whole month. No school, no over protective
mother, no over bearing sister and most importantly, no electricity, although I wasn’t
quite sure
about this part. My father’s face had an amazing glow to it that I had never
seen before. He looked at me as if to say we have already been on this trip before and
this time it was going to be better than the first time. Back then I just thought it was my
overactive imagination playing its part, but later on I came to realise just how right I was.
That was a great day, a day of days, a day that I will get to, I promise you.
There is nothing quite like packing your bags for holiday, it’s a magical feeling
freedom that even smells different to other moments. Being in that space is great
because the focus on the present allows the packer to see everything else that