“Let’s go get some food kids. Jarred, George, will you two join us at the feast table when
you are done?” Kayla had read my mind, she seemed to be making a habit out it. Dad
looked over at me and nodded, I nodded back which meant I was okay and would gladly
go with Kim and Kayla to get some food. At this point I was not looking forward too
much to what was written on that piece of paper that Dad and George were reading
again and again.
We followed Kayla back around and down to the beach, I shot a quick look back at Dad
and saw that the General was standing with them now and they seemed to be having a
deep and animated conversation. There was a lot of waving of arms and flapping of
wings. We rounded the corner and headed in the direction from where we came earlier
in the day. The sky was darker now and the pathway was lit by fire filled steel grates.
We headed left down the beach and in front of us was a series of three massive
elongated tables under the open sky which shone brightly with stars as I had never seen
them before. It was a magnificent sky. Many Pelicans had already joined the tables and
were ready for food. In certain spots there were adults and children, the number was
not large however.
Kayla moved around the tables and located a few empty seats which we duly took. As
we sat a series of small sized Pelicans with extremely clean, pristine
white feathers
appeared at the foot and head of each table, they all carried small platters of what
looked to be fruit and various other types of dried items. These dishes were placed in
front of us and without thought or hesitation, both Kim and I reached for a couple of
Before our hands could even touch the air around the bowl we were rather deftly
slapped on the wrists by a lightning fast Kayla. “We must give thanks first, remember
this before every meal, it will make you appreciate it more.”
Kayla winked at the both of